A Spirit Was Seen from the Window
Work Collection Cases of Chinese Young Artists Since 1999IV
2020.05.16 - 06.15

In 1999, the last year of the last century, I curated an exhibition called "Sharp New Sights". And then I realized that the artists born in the 1970s had begun to come to the art stage, and it would be their time for a while. They would be the generation that represents 21st century art in this country. And the country might have its own golden age in this century... After 20 years, today, not only the post-70s, post-80s and even younger artists are beginning to show their talent. Of course, most of them are still regarded as newcomers, and the spotlight of the art stage has yet to shine on them. However, one day, I believe, Chinese contemporary art will have a moment of global attention, and international masters will emerge among this generation of artists. I feel that we are not far away from this goal... WuJin