Works of Biimrock
2012.12.01 - 2013.01.15

I am by nature sensitive to images, paintings and any other visual things; however, when it comes to words, my spirits sink immediately. Usually I will not read an article unless it fascinates me very much. As a result, I choose painting as my major and become a professional painter. As far as painting is concerned, a painter should first be very sensitive and highly skilled, and then be capable of expressing what you experience by means of visual language. A good painter is one who can make his/her hands highly consistent with his/her mind. As for strong thought power, I think it may not be a must for a good painter. I remember once Mr. Wei Jia, after seeing my pictures, said, “Your pictures are filled with emotions, which is very good. But I think you should learn to be yourself more and be more confident.” …I think he was encouraging me to follow my heart and instinct, which seems closer to spirit and serves me very well…