Works of Biimrock
2012.12.01 - 2013.01.15

Be Honest

While writing this article, I realize that I will be 30 in over ten days. Confucius said that “a man should have independent character at the age of 30”. My own understanding of this saying is that a man should establish a life value of his own when he reaches 30. Speaking of painting, I may adjust myself constantly and dare not to say that I have already established something; while speaking of life, I am quite sure that I am willing to take the art of painting as the key value of my life and keep working ......(More)


The pieces of this new work were shipped individually to the gallery which showed a flow of his emotional growth through his works. Some of the works that really moved me were his paintings “Night”, “Ruin” and “Cold rain” which in my opinion are the key works of this exhibition. ......(More)